Why I have never kept a diary

I was gifted my first diary with a lock and key when I was about 9 years old. It was royal blue with silver edged pages and a silver lock. I do remember writing in it for a while. However,  I have no remembrance what I wrote about or what happened to it. Over the last 2 decades, I have started over a dozen journals but have never been able to stick to writing in them.

Let me rephrase, I have never made a commitment  to writing in them. I also tend to become clouded with self-doubt, judgement and feel silly when I go back and read the things I have written in the past. I am not sure if this plagues other writers, but it has been a big hurdle for me.

Part of my journey as a mother has been recognizing what my values and goals are. Having a child has given me more direction, clarity, and bravery to advocate for myself in a way I never imagined. Thus, this blog was born. My career goals have shifted and I am making that commitment to writing. Writing for myself so I can be a better woman, mother, wife, colleague and friend.

This brings me to what inspired this post. While reading a blog post by the  Millionaire’s Digest , I came across this quote:

“I have advice for people who want to write. I don’t care whether they’re 5 or 500. There are three things that are important: First, if you want to write, you need to keep an honest, unpublishable journal that nobody reads, nobody but you. Where you just put down what you think about life, what you think about things, what you think is fair and what you think is unfair. And second, you need to read. You can’t be a writer if you’re not a reader. It’s the great writers who teach us how to write. The third thing is to write. Just write a little bit every day. Even if it’s for only half an hour — write, write, write.” ― Madeleine L’Engle

This quote resonated with me. I am going to start that journal. It’s time to get over the self-judgement and set the fear aside.

Do you keep a journal? Is it a personal diary, a bullet journal, creative journal? I would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below. 

6 Replies to “Why I have never kept a diary”

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  2. I kept a journal off and on for my adolescence. I rarely revisited it as like you I would judge myself harshly or I would get angry all over again.
    I am guilty of using my blog like a journal sometimes. Often I’ll post something I think I can learn from so I don’t have to have the experience over and over again.


      1. That’s one of the beauties I’ve found about blogging. It’s so personal that everyone has their own method and reasons. I think it’s great that you know yourself well so you know how to use it to build you up rather than make you try too hard or push you down.


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