Postpartum body surprise!

I am teetering the cusp of turning 39 this summer. I have been “overweight”…ok, chubby for my body structure and build three times in my life. After my freshman year of college (hello freshman 15!), the year I quit smoking, and after I gave birth. While pregnant, I gained the full recommended weight for my petite structure – a whole 39lbs!!!! But I have to say, I wore it well!!

38 week bump

I started exercising about 4.5 weeks after giving birth, did the T25 workout, returned to the gym (thought not nearly as often as pre-baby gym time), breastfed, and lost 95% of the weight. I still have the last stubborn 5 lbs and belly roll when I am sitting down. Frustrating…yes. Terrible, definitely not!

But what I discovered about my body today, I did not see coming. 

In fact, I did not even know this was a “thing”. My husband and I headed out with J in the jogging stroller for a quick 3 mile run in our neighborhood. I was doing great. I would never call myself a runner, but I was doing just fine.  At one point during the run, as I was hitting my stride and enjoying the even turf I looked down at my legs pumping. Feet in perfect sync. Shin muscles flexing.

And then I saw it…

It was happening around my knees as my legs were in mid exchange, the leg moving forward preparing for impact. There was extra skin. Loose skin. JIGGLING around my knee! 

What? When  did THIS happen? When did I get sagging, wrinkled, flabby skin? I am not even 40 yet! Maybe it’s loose skin from gaining and loosing baby weight? Or is it aging? Or a combination of BOTH? Ugh!

Two lessons I am taking away from this experience:

  1. Aging sneaks up on you. You may feel like you are still 30, but you your body is definitely not. All the more reason to be kind to your amazing mom body!
  2. Don’t eat a scoop of almond butter and handful of chocolate chips before a run on a hot summer morning. Take my advice, it’s just not a good idea!

Have you experienced any postpartum body surprises? I would love to hear about it.  🙂

2 Replies to “Postpartum body surprise!”

  1. I’ve got a good one for you… after I had my daughter just over two years ago I become unable to bend my thumb at the knuckle. I mentioned it at one of my daughter’s appointments and the doctor called it a trigger thumb. I figured I’d get it looked at someday. Then I got pregnant again, mentioned it to my OB to see if she’d heard of anything like that happening to anyone. She said no but she could write me a referral but since I was pregnant they probably wouldn’t be able to so much anyway. After I had my son all of a sudden I can move it again… but now it has the tendency to lock in the bent position.

    … and I could really do without the hair falling out!!


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