Stay calm and blog on

“A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog)”  – courtesy of Wikipedia

Maybe blogging isn’t for me. Or maybe it’s the fact I have gotten approximately 18 hours of sleep in the last three days, celebrated my 39th birthday, my milk supply has diminished to the point that my two year old points to my breasts and says “tiny milky”, I was offered a fresh picked booger as a birthday gift, and had a metal train car whack me in the forehead drawing blood -also thanks to my toddler.

Is it the terrible twos? The end of my thirties? Or just lack of inspiration?

It’s hard to feel creative and witty when you are having to tell your toddler for the twentieth time that day to STOP. PICKING. YOUR. NOSE. Maybe it’s not that I am tired or have mom-hood madness, perhaps I simply harbor lofty blogging goals. I mean come on, one post and my blog should go viral, right?????

All kidding aside. I love writing. I am a researcher by trade and to me, writing, especially research writing, essays, and journaling are like putting an elaborate puzzle together. It’s fun, challenging, and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. I thought blogging would bring me the same satisfaction.

My first blog  was testing the water. I had always wanted to have a blog, but needed a reason (oh those jedi-mind tricks!). I maintained it for the four months I said that I would devoted myself, then I just ran out of free time and mental space to continue it. It was more social than I expected and I loved reading other people’s content. I loved the community. I had higher hopes for this time around. Being that I went with a self-hosted site which does not have built in community like a free wordpress blog has, it’s actually been a little lonelier this time.

And then there is all the “how to” blogging advice. When did it become so complicated?

Do you ever feel stuck in your blog? How do you become unstuck?


2 Replies to “Stay calm and blog on”

  1. Haha, motherhood’s great, ain’t it? lol
    Hmm, about blogging…I have lofty goals, too. Not so much about it getting big but about meeting a certain standard (set by me, the perfectionist). 😉 I made a blog outline shortly after I started it and it helps me to keep my focus. I tend to begin drafts about all sorts of things that, down the line, I end up deleting because they don’t “go” with my blog’s intent and niche. So, I don’t publish as often as I’d like, but when I do, it’s because I’ve literally hand-picked the post due to it fitting my blog’s outline. The only exception to this are my “Thoughts & Happenings” posts, which allow me to be random and talk about things going on in my life.
    Anyway, that’s how I currently blog…things always change, though!


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