A change in the air

I felt it when I woke up at 4am and the chill of the central air shivered up my bare arms. Turning over and pulling up the blanket, I nestled into another few hours of sleep.

I woke to my toddler asking to nurse and soon after, I hit snooze on my cell phone until 6:15. After a short, hot shower I was downstairs to feed the animals. When I opened the back door to let the dog outside, I felt it. The first cool, crisp, nip of fall.

A day shrouded in baby blue skies, billowy clouds dowsed in a light grey hue, and a blowing breeze cool and smart. I know our summer has ended. Gone is the warm fluid breeze on a summer morning. My heart sinks a little as I try to remind myself that I still don the golden skin of summer and sun kissed hair.

There is always so much hope when summer comes. My mind is open with a reminder to enjoy every inch of sunshine, outdoor time, and visits to the pool. I try to chart our activities, our hikes, day trips, as if to capture summer in a jar. We manage to live an entire short lifetime in these 10 weeks. Making memories, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows, absorbing the vitamin D we need for the long winter ahead.  I love summer. I love the long evenings, the later schedules, the feeling of possibility.

With a few weeks left, I will thank the sun for her warmth and the trees for their shade.

Soon we will be tucked into our neighborhood, as our small city becomes infiltrated with returning college students, post-docs, and the commuters for public school. Sadly, we will become slave to the school calendar and traffic patterns that abide.Maybe next year I will start that garden my soul aches for.


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