Much needed nurturing by Mother Nature

After a difficult week and not being myself the last month, I was craving to get out of the house and into the fresh air. I am a member of a local hiking group but my work schedule restricts the hikes I can attend, and decided to explore on our own today. So I packed up my toddler, loaded my backpack with snacks, wipes, a camera and off we went.
We drove about 20 minutes to a local Nature Conservancy called Lisha Kill Preserve and set off.

We marveled at the light pouring through the leaves turning yellow and orange. Since this was my first time at this location, I taught my toddler to look up at the trees and locate the trail markers so we knew we were following the right path. She  was hooked right away running from tree to tree, pointing and shouting “I see it mommy”, “there’s another one!”. My heart soared.


We followed the Grattan Family Loop and then headed left onto Frank’s Trail. Here we found an opening into a clearing filled with birds. We spotted a large Blue Jay and stood and watched several wood peckers.


I left feeling happy, in tune with my daughter, and recharged in a way I desperately needed and that only mother nature could provide. Seeing the magic of the woods in the intense autumn light and smelling the fresh drying leaves brought inner peace again. Sometimes, I just need to feel the sun on my face to know happiness can be that simple.

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