The 51%

It was still dark, soft rain patting against the kitchen window. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

“You sad mommy?” asked my toddler.

“Yes, baby. Mommy is sad”. I smiled at her, wiped my tears and let her fold her warm soft arms around my neck.

After her healing hug I looked at her and said, “Girls are awesome. I am so glad you are a girl. Are you a boss?” She nodded at me, gazing steadily in my eyes, and said “I am a boss mommy”.

Donald Trump may turn out to be an amazing leader but I can’t help but be very worried for women’s rights in this country. Rights to basic healthcare, birth control options, equal pay, and federal maternity leave/breastfeeding rights… and for good cause.

We all know. We have witnessed Trump being verbally abusive to the media, his opponents, and even his own supporters. He has uttered sexist and demoralizing remarks to women and sexualized his own daughter.

I don’t know about you, but as mother, telling a breastfeeding woman (a Trump supporter) at his rally that she is “disgusting” for breastfeeding in public (her protected right to do so) is highly offensive. It’s also a direct assault against pro-life, pro-family values.

Based on Trump’s statements during the race, his election is not a good outcome. Let me clarify. His election is not good outcome for WOMEN.

Let me be very clear. I am not pro-choice, I am pro-woman!  

Trump will likely overturn roe v. wade, setting us back 40 years and creating a black market for reproductive ‘services’. In my view, abortion is about harm reduction, not anti-life. I think of all the suicides, infections, and butchery that have been avoided. Coat hanger abortions are not a myth.

I am concerned for the messages my daughter will be exposed to. I fear the exposure to a misogynistic leader, values of a sexist man and rape culture society being spread like an STD. I fear what it means to the safety my daughter as this locker room culture is reinforced by the President of the United States.

Land of the Free.

But freedom for whom? White men of course. I fear for African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, Refugees, and the LGBT community. Racism is real and alive. The KKK openly supported Trump.

I fear deeply for America.

So what’s next? What can I do about it?

For now, I am choosing to opt-out as much as possible. I am limiting FB only to my blog and hiking group pages. No scrolling through the top or most recent stories. I will be deleting 90% of my personal page, information, photos.

I will not be watching television apart from PBS non-news programming.

When I hear Trump mentioned on NPR, I turn the station off. I cannot bear to hear his voice (the voice of ANOTHER rich, white, male) drone on for another 4 years and being the “voice” of women’s interests oozing in miseducation and misogyny.

I will make a real effort to save my money and discontinue my consumer patterns.

And I vow to become an expatriate if women’s rights to basic healthcare, birth control, abortion, breastfeeding in the workplace, in public, or the fight for wage equality, are stripped away in any form.

I cannot bear to be reeled back to the 1960’s or raise my daughter in a rape culture protected as “locker room banter” while it openly pushes Viagra, is led by a man who has accosted and molested women against their will, all while a women’s right to protect herself, her body and her genitals are stripped away.

Who will stand up for us? Who will be the voice for American women?

Lest we forget: women bring ALL sexes into this world.

With Love and Compassion – MMD

5 Replies to “The 51%”

  1. See, just withdraw from the world. You won’t be missing a thing except stress. I think we will be just fine. Think of Donald as the bad boyfriend that has to happen before we marry the nice guy. Also, most of the republicans don’t care for him so it will be hard for him to get much done. It’s just a movie.


    1. Thanks Kate. It’s like I have deep impressions in my collective unconscious from all the women who came before me. Injustice hurts deep in my heart. I feel like I was meant to be blessed with a daughter so I can instill the confidence and knowledge of women’s rights that I didn’t have until adulthood. If nothing else, the realization of what actually matters has lit up my psyche. Opting out of this insane pop culture is the only way I can cope.


      1. Wonderful! Then something positive has already come of this. I was just thinking about you as I wash yet another sink of dishes…and it’s only 10am. Many Christians believe in the second coming of Christ. I believe that it is really the awakening of the Christ within us all. This is just a part of the movements that must occur to continue to wake us all up, get us to pay attention to what it is we really want in this world, for our children and ourselves. This is something that must happen to bring about great change in the future. As for detaching…I did it a year ago and continue. I’ve never felt better. Today I am at peace despite the situation. I have FB for my post, however, I never, NEVER get on there. I NEVER read the news. Last night was the first time in a year I watched MSNBC or what ever the hell it’s called. I am not a part of this World. I have my own and it’s safe. I have to be happy for my boys. As for our rights and who will protect us? There are millions of great men and strong and powerful women that won’t let anything happen. Time cannot go back. Do not fear for your daughter, she has chosen to be here because this is an amazing time and we are just beginning to go into the Bronze era that preceeds the Golden era. We are in an exciting time. Start searching out positive news. There are amazing things and people happening right now but you will never find that on the local news.


      2. 🙂 Wonderful message. Thank you for delivering it to me in a nurturing way. I am really looking forward to the no TV. I would like to relax with creative outlets after work rather than let the screen suck the energy out of me. It will be a challenge though because my husband is a news hound. In all sincerity, thank you for the support Kate.


      3. Always. And you are not alone in being so upset and feeling fear. I hear this from a lot of women today. A lot of tears from women and immigrants. My husband is a news hound too but I wear the pants and have banned it from our house so he reads it at work. Only Disney and Hallmark…and Modern Family allowed.


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