On how to be a writer and a mother: Shared wisdom

I have shared with you that there are some authors and fellow bloggers that simply inspire me. They have a way of writing that is open, honest, and lets us readers into their world. I want to introduce you to another blogger and author that has lifted me to a new level: Mrs. Kate Singh. 

Ever wonder how to fit it all in? Ever questioned how other moms find the time to blog or write a book? This is something I have personally struggled with for a long time. Well actually, finding time to do much of anything for myself has been a challenge.

But have no fear, Kate has written a special post just for bloggers like us. 🙂  I hope you enjoy the post as much I did. Feel free to share this wisdom.


Mrs. Mother Dirt


I am devoting this write-up to my new friend Mrs. Mother Dirt (who has a wonderful blog mrsmotherdirt.com). She asked the other day a question many ask about how I find the time and energy to raise two little boys and write? I know that this was a huge question on my mind when I would read […]

via How to find time and balance for homemaking and writing. — Mrs Kate Singh author

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