3 things I am doing in thanks of bravery, justice, and dignity

There has been an awakening. It started some time ago, slowly bringing things to my conscious attention. It’s more like a profound sadness that bubbles into anger and a feeling of defeat or helplessness.

It happens when I see new construction. Another Dunkin Donuts. Another shopping plaza, a new dorm built on the tiny slab of grass between the highway and the on-ramp. My heart just sinks. I live in a small city that has a seriously under utilized waterfront and historic downtown riddled with boarded up brownstones while the ‘development’ pushes further into the suburbs and nature. Last year I saw a terrified fawn leaping across 4 lanes of traffic into the state university campus. I am literally heartsick . My heart is breaking for our environment.

And then I come across an article from  NPR discussing the newest episode of Dakota pipeline trauma ensuing. My heart breaks again. If I listen close, I can hear the cosmic echo. I know this is unjust, selfish, corruption.

As I am sitting here in my heated home on my hand me down lush sofa, I already know I am fortunate. I am aware I have my health, my job, my marriage, and some financial security. I know 100% that my child is a sheer miracle of God and nature. I often give thanks for the way my life is working out but I do not often turn to my neighbor and simply say “thank you”. I read about global causes, I support local non-profits, I volunteer in my community….a lot. But this Thanksgiving something higher than myself is pushing me. This year my passion for justice has ignited.

To say ‘thank you’ to my neighbors in North Dakota, to Mother Earth, and to all the brave, spirited, strong, protestors LIVING their truth, I am going to do my part to pay it forward. I may not have the time or the means to make it in person, but I can certainly support the effort.

Tomorrow as I am cooking, tending to the fever my toddler is fighting, and watching the National Dog Show I will also be doing these THREE things:

1. DONATE $ TO the Sacred Stone Camp GoFundMe Account
This is the official GoFundMe account for the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Directly from the account page: “We are asking for financial support for water-propane – food and blankets for the camp”. You can also leave a message of support when you make a donation.

2. CALL THE WHITE HOUSE at  (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414. You can leave a message for Mr. President himself and request that President Obama retract the permit granting Dakota Access Pipeline for the Army Corps of Engineers’.

3. CALL THE GOVERNOR OF NORTH DAKOTA: Jack Dalrymple, at 701-328-2200 Tell him that you disagree with what is happening and how he is handling the #NoDAPL protests. Water should NOT be sprayed on people in below freezing temperatures. This is INHUMANE.

For more ideas about how you can help, see this article or google “support the Dakota pipeline protest”. You can also Like their Facebook page.

Whatever you decide, I am wishing you a warm Thanksgiving. If you feel like it, let me know how you are planning to #payitforward.

Love,  Mrs. Mother Dirt


6 Replies to “3 things I am doing in thanks of bravery, justice, and dignity”

  1. I feel this so deeply. The past few weeks I have been struggling with… well pretty much everything! I watch TV and I cannot believe the messages in advertising, how harmful and belittling they are. I watch on social media about Standing Rock and I’m devastated, I want to help so I look into the bank funding situation (to move my money to a more eco friendly bank – but do they exist??) as the UK is funding the pipeline too. The more I read, the more I realise just how much corruption is happening within the banking system. How weapons and war are funded by banks, places we keep our money in trust. The whole world is funding destruction, they’re in in together. Then I question more about my lifestyle… wondering what more I can do… but like you said, we can only do our best. We can show up in love, love those around us and love the earth that supports us. Thank you for this honest post. It is tough to wake up and notice what is happening around us, and to do something about it. Even the smallest of actions add up.


    1. Emily, thank you for reading and taking the time to leave a comment. These issues are so disheartening. I think we (as ‘consumers’) do have a lot of power as a collective but it’s difficult when corporations all seem crooked. The less media I have the better. I am going to keep giving in the ways that I can and hope it is making some small difference. Thank you for the validation. I feel like the number of us who feel this way is growing.


      1. I absolutely agree, I think more is coming to light and peoples awareness is growing. This is encouraging and we hold so much power as a collective (as individuals too). Even talking about these issues is helping I think, it’s about education and being the change you want to see. Love and compassion is key, that’s been my rock over the past few weeks anyway. Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂


  2. The more conscious we are the less we let ourselves get away with ignoring what is around us. Have a warm Thanksgiving as well! I plan to pay it forward by doing #2 as well as consciously sending the energy of peace and safety for the protesters and those whose land is being taken.


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