Getting Frugal (and creative!) with Felt

At almost 3, my daughter is a bundle of inquisitive joy. Keeping her occupied, busy, learning, and away from the TV is always my goal. So, a few months ago I decided to build our own felt board. You can learn how I made ours for about $10 here.

And of course, I realized I didn’t have any fun felt pieces so off to Amazon I browsed. There were some decently priced ‘kits’, but my daughter is wild over Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons. When I ran across the Pete the Cat kit on Amazon, I almost choked…$20….plus shipping…. ouch.


So I did what any creative would do, I made my own.

If you want to make a your own Pete the Cat from felt to go along with his books, here is how I made ours.

  1. I photocopied a chosen picture from inside the book of choice. Clearly we used Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons.

  1.  Cut out your Pete and glue it to a piece of felt (Elmer’s glue works great). Then cut off the extra felt.
  2. Use construction paper or other material for the buttons. (I used left over foam squares). Glue the buttons to felt and cut off the extra felt.
  3. Use the left over felt bits to glue onto your photocopy of Pete (this makes the felt buttons stick to the shirt).


It’s that EASY and took under 10 mins to make. I also let my toddler do the gluing so it was fun and engaging for her as well. Now we can remove the buttons every time they POP! off.


Do you have any fun felt board ideas? If so, I would love for you to share! 🙂

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