Join me in supporting other women bloggers

A while back I joined a mom blog group on Facebook to help promote my own blog and support other bloggers.  I am not as social media savvy as most, mainly because I do not own a smart phone…I know, I know… I am really behind the times but I don’t want to connected 24/7 and my 8 yr old phone still works. And you know the old saying…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

What I really like about this group is that you can be as involved and active as you have time for or you can participate once in a while. Everyone is also very positive and it is well organized. There are no nay-sayers and women are simply helping each other get theirs posts out there for others to enjoy.

The times I have been active in the group, I have had upward of 80 views in a single day for a single post. While this may be small potatoes for those bloggers who have spent a lot of time building their blog, this was AMAZING for my little blog.

Check out the analytics just from participating one day! You can tell the day I asked others to share my link – look at that orange bar! Pretty cool!


If you are a mother who is also a blogger (no matter what your topics are as long as they are not offensive), or if you are trying to make your blog into a business, this group might be for you! If you are interested in joining this group of mom bloggers, you can request to join here.

I have also created a Google Plus Community where every Friday I participate in the Social Media share and post a lot of great blog links to this collection page. It is a public page and you might find some great information or other fun blogs to follow. Check out this link or even follow this collection.

Thanks for the support!


Love, Peace & Blogging,

Mrs. Mother Dirt

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