Second pregnancy hump…or maybe i’m just old?

I don’t know what it is, but I have been so tired for the majority of this pregnancy. I know growing a human is a BIG job and I am a few years older, but wow! I did not expect this.

Differences between my first and second pregnancy
First pregnancy:
I was a young 36 years old
I was very physically fit and light
I exercised all the way through my pregnancy and did not stop running until around 34 weeks when it became too uncomfortable even with a support belt
I gained 39 lbs
Gave up caffeine 100%
I had a LOT of strange cravings from meat, to clementines, to pepperoni nachos (a.k.a. pregnancy nachos), fresh made lemonade, and vanilla ice cream with maple syrup drizzled on top. I know…strange indeed….
Experienced morning sickness from 6 weeks through 16 weeks
Felt motivated, focused, happy, and energetic!

Second pregnancy (currently 25 weeks):
I conceived at 39 years of age and will deliver at 40
This pregnancy occurred 4 months after a miscarriage at 10 weeks
I have only gained 14 lbs (129Β lbs at my weigh in this week)
Have 2-3 cups of coffee per week
I can only muster the will to go for a run about 3 times per week. The other days I walk or hike a mile or two.
No dramatic cravings but I have been starting to want sweets! Otherwise I have been eating a lot of eggs, protein, salads, and seem to have a normal appetite.
I experienced morning sickness from week 8-16 but fried egg sandwiches were my go-to.
Struggle with my mood
Feel sluggish
Have a three-year old to keep up with

They say every pregnancy is different, so I am not worried too much but I would really like the energy boost to kick in!

Anyone have wisdom to share with this mamma? What was your experience with your second pregnancy? Was it different from your first?

13 Replies to “Second pregnancy hump…or maybe i’m just old?”

  1. My 2nd was totally different as well.
    I was in the military when I conceived my first-born – at age 22. Very active and very fit. The morning sickness was horrendous as were the cravings. I gained 40 pounds.
    My 2nd was conceived 4 years later – at age 26. No longer in the military. I went to Weight Watchers, with my civilian obstetric’s okay and blessings. I really do not remember cravings with #2, and morning sickness was over quickly. I gained 20 pounds. I was also much more spiritually attuned to this little life.
    My daughters are polar opposites as well. My oldest is serious and very perfectionist, while my youngest is basically a free spirit!
    And, I could not nurse my first-born, while I was able to nurse my second-born for a year.
    Hang in there, enjoy the ride, and enjoy your blessing-to-be.

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  2. My wife and I had 4 children and each pregnancy for her seemed to be different, which I found very interesting.
    I do admire you so much that you are still running and walking. Even when you most likely are not in the mood, you are still taking the initiative to do this. So well done.

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    1. Thanks Carl! Maybe I will do an ultra marathon some day…:-) I also love that you have 4 children. As difficult as it can be as a parent, I bet you share many amazing memories as a family. Thank you for taking the time to visit and leave a comment!

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  3. On my 2nd at the minute and yes, totally different. I am 3 years older. Both pregnancies followed a miscarriage and I haven’t gained much weight on either. Mr. Fairweather is constantly laughing that if one more person tells me how neat I am, I may swing for them. I say I may be neat but baby still weighs a tonne. But that’s about it similarity wise. My first was plain sailing. Few cravings for meat – burgers, steaks, rashers. This pregnancy, I have cried icepops and ice-cream. Been anaemic and low b12, suffered from antenatal depression which didn’t start to ease till I got b12 injections. Oh and PGP and diastasis recti. But I tell myself, I wouldn’t have these if there was no baby on the way so thank God I have these things to put up with because it means there’s a new addition to the family en-route.

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  4. Congratulations on baby #2! My first pregnancy was so easy I just assumed the second time would be easy too….oops! πŸ™‚ This baby also pushes very hard against my tummy and although it is not comfortable, she is letting me know she is in there. I agree, these 9 moths are temporary and I would gladly endure them knowing there is a new life at the end. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I will have to keep reading your blog to see how your journey is coming along.


  5. My first was definitely different than my second. With my first, I craved weird stuff and at random times (very cold cranberry juice at 3 am) . I hated the smell of garlic. I gained like 35 pounds and being 4’11 I looked like I was carrying 2 basketballs at once haha. My second baby, I didn’t gain as much and I had food aversions to everything. I also developed migraines which were the worst! My first son was very active, in my third trimester he would move as soon as I set my tea cup at the top of my belly as if to say “move it mom!.” My second wasn’t as active but then again I was chasing a toddler so he could have been but I was exhausted. I think each pregnancy is different and also might tell us a little bit about the personalities of the little humans growing inside us. ☺️


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Until I read your comment I hadn’t realized that I have NO food aversions this time around either. My first born is sweet,easy going but has a Lot of energy. Maybe #2 will let me sleep more often πŸ˜„

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  6. My second pregnancy compared to my first was like night and day! The first time, I was 20 when I got pregnant. I ran nearly every day, ate very healthy, was never ill, and even went to Disney world at 8 months. Gained 27 pounds. With my second, I conceived at 22 and was horribly sick, ate junk food all the time, extremely tired and uncomfortable, gained 35 pounds. I’m now on my third pregnancy and it’s a mix of the other two! Haha
    Each pregnancy is a journey all its own! Try to enjoy it while it lasts πŸ™‚

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