All it takes is a $1 at a time.


With the early August full moon, pending eclipse, and August weather cooling down fast, my family has been in whirlwind. It feels we have more on our plate than we can handle. New opportunities have popped up (Yay!), while my husband’s financial information and our housing needs has come to light (Eeek!). In short, we need to stop the bleeding because it is an EMERGENCY and we need to get useless crap out of our way.

In a matter of 6 days, I made a decision, went through drawers, clothing, bookshelves, kids rooms, vinyl records, furniture that doesn’t add to our space and held a yard sale. I pulled late nights to get things rounded up and worked on my issue with attachment to books. I am happily down to 2 book shelfs that are no longer crammed or overflowing but now have room to spare! This my friends is true progress. And this was no small feat at 29 weeks pregnant.


While we didn’t have a lot of large items to sell, we got rid of extras and clutter that was lying around. I priced things low too. Clothing, some new with tags, $1 each. I made a box of $0.50 or less. And honestly it was pretty much a dollar at a time. And that was OK. We turned some of our unwanted things into cash, feel less stress now that house is emptier, and are thankful to those who came to our sale to give our items a new life.

Now, it’s time to tackle the finances. After the yardsale my husband handed his debit card over to me. We sit down next week to hash out his automated payments from his paycheck and then put each dollar to work to help pay down some debt. It’s not going to be easy, but all we need to do is focus on $1 at a time.

Do you make extra money with yardsales or Craig’s list?

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