New Routines

Well, the day is here! With my step-daughter starting middle school and my first born starting preschool, we have new routines. Middle school cuts out the morning snack time and preschool does not offer breakfast (unlike daycare), so we start off our mornings now with a sit-down family breakfast at 7am. How I pulled this off and have it planned into our day, including a menu…I can only attribute this kind of fanatical organization to being 31 weeks pregnant and nesting! Oh how I love these energy spurts!


Wake up time for the girls is 6:30am, breakfast at 7, and we are out the door by 7:30. Since my step-daughter is in a different school district, getting her to school in the morning can be a bit of a commute in our small city. We have to plan ahead for the drive and get my little one to school by 8:30.

The menu this morning consited of sausage, home fries (from the potatoes we had for dinner last night) and toast. My goal is that the girls need to eat one form of protein each morning before they head off to school. Protein could be yogurt, bacon, breakfast sausage, eggs, tofu scamble, etc… I will mix up the menu so we have variety.

While I will miss my three yr old being home with me 3 days a week and miss our tea parties and playground fun, I know in my heart that she and I both need this separation and time to be independent from one another. With my second baby on the way, it will make room for me to bond and my  three yr old is ready to flourish. She loves academic and creative stimulation as much as I do. It just feels like the right timing.

And I know another girl is very happy to have her mom’s attention all to herself again…


Here’s to a GREAT first day of preschool! Cheers!



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