Peanutbutter, Fluff, and Bananas…no explanation needed!

They say every pregnancy is different and I would have to say this is true. I am much more tired the second time and even my occasional desire to exercise disappeared in month 7. It’s not the worst thing in the world to listen to your body and just give in to the rest it needs. After all, pregnancy is a brief period in time where you have little control over your body, its many, many changes, and how you feel.

I have not experienced the tastiness of a “fluffernutter” sandwich since my pre-teen days. But I was in the grocery store and saw a woman reaching for a jar of creamed marshmallow. At first I walk by the shelf and then found myself turning my cart around to pick up a jar myself.

Oddly, I am not even a huge fan of marshmallows. I like them in my hot cocoa or on a smore in the summer, but what urged me to wheel my shopping cart around and bring home a jar of fluff can only be biochemical…the growing baby inside of my womb who has created a sweet tooth cursing me daily. I am just thankful I passed my glucose test!

Here’s to odd cravings, growing humans, and letting your body have its way.

32weeks 4 days
She is finally head down!






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