What a beautiful summer we are having in September

It’s late September here in upstate New York where the breeze should be cool as the sun still gently warms your skin. While I wish this was the case, we are having a lovely summer in September. We are going on two weeks of 80+ degree weather. I think nature may be a little confused here in the north and being 8.5 months pregnant, I am longing for the reprieve of cooler weather, crisp apples, and long sleeves.

Our leaves were changing before Labor Day, now they are dying on the limbs and falling to the ground before they have a chance to bask in their true fall glory of splendid color. Sigh…. It looks like fall, it smells (almost) like fall, but it does not feel like fall. Rather than reveling in my sweater collection I am still in flip-flops, shorts, and tanks tops.

I guess when you are given lemons (did I mention we had a lame rainy summer too!!!?), we make lemonade. We took it nice and easy this past weekend with as much outside time as this pregnant Mrs. Mother Dirt could handle, logging about 2+ miles of walking.

Parks, playgrounds, and street fairs!!! While I love the summer heat, it’s time for autumn!!!


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