Staying on budget with a growing baby

Its still February and my 3.5 month old is just about busting out of her 3 month onesies and footed onesies. I learned with baby#1 not to buy too many baby clothes in advance because you do not have control over how fast they grow. We are grateful that our babies thrive, so the trick … Continue reading Staying on budget with a growing baby

5 FREE things to do with kids today

Being Mrs. Mother Dirt, I am here to advocate that  the best things in life really are FREE. Entertaining Spending time with our children  does not have to be expensive.  In fact, it can be as easy as walking out your front door....literally. Here is a list of 5 things - for FREE- that you … Continue reading 5 FREE things to do with kids today

Crystalizing frugality as a lifestyle

I'm a dabbler. I have been reading, studying, following, and thinking about simplicity, saving money, urban gardening, and minimalism for years. Precisely, about 4 years - just about the same time I had my first little bun in the oven. I have dipped my toe in here and there...but I dabble. Actually, I am a … Continue reading Crystalizing frugality as a lifestyle