The second time is sweeter

Oh the second baby. After the ravage of childbirth, the year of 'firsts', surviving sleep deprivation, and finally getting the hang of it, along comes the desire to have another baby. With the exception of 'one and done' families and the 'whoops! I didn't really plan that one', there comes a time when baby fever … Continue reading The second time is sweeter

Ode to my Cat; Bug Hunter Extraordinaire

We adopted a cat one week before my first child was born. What the hell were we thinking when we thought bringing a cat into our home with a prey driven dog and brand new baby was a good idea? Fast forward and I have to tell you that this cat is not only amazing … Continue reading Ode to my Cat; Bug Hunter Extraordinaire

Healing the 100 year old Apple Tree

Snow was falling fast. Heavy, wet flakes covering us. I have eluded in other posts that we recently purchased and moved into a new home. I call this home my 1986 dream home, not only in honor of the year it was built but also to pay homage to the original rose porcelain toilet, sink … Continue reading Healing the 100 year old Apple Tree

Hijacked by my toddler: A bedtime story

I originally wrote this post on Halloween 2016. It's a struggle many mothers go through. I want to repost this to give others comfort during this trying stage. I am here to assure you that it does change for the better. Keep at it, be consistent and honor your own feelings and needs. Love,   … Continue reading Hijacked by my toddler: A bedtime story

Did I grow up Hillbilly?

When I was turning the last 10 pages of J.D. Vance’s memoir, Hillbilly Elegy; I thought about the parallels I shared with J.D.’s experience of growing up in a dysfunctional working class family. I know a LOT of us have grown up middle class and in dysfunction of various sorts, but there were some uncanny … Continue reading Did I grow up Hillbilly?

A Morning at Free Forest School

When I was a kid, we literally lived in the woods. Our little cabin was surrounded by trees, streams, and undeveloped land. Playing outside is what you did. Television was a special occasion. Cartoons were on Saturdays only (e.g. Saturday morning cartoons). There was no TV 'on demand'. There was no 'streaming', and I didn't … Continue reading A Morning at Free Forest School

The little house that couldn’t

I tried to LOVE this house. To treat it well, clean it, paint it, see it's positives (admire the way the morning sunlight poured into the kitchen, the fact the backyard got direct sun all afternoon, the songs of the birds in the back yard) but I never truly LOVED it. I tried and I … Continue reading The little house that couldn’t